Capes on Film Now Featured on Alltop

Featured in Alltop

We interrupt this blog to bring you the following shameless self-promotion message:

I'm proud to announce that the "online magazine rack" - Alltop - has chosen Capes on Film to be included in its Movies category. That means from now on my RSS feed will be available to thousands of Alltop visitors, everyday. This is kind of a big deal because Alltop only chooses blogs that it feels publishes valuable content for its readers. To put it mildly, this news is way cool!!!

What IS Alltop?

If you're looking for an easy way to stay on top of movie news (or any other subject) then Alltop is the way to go. In case you're not familiar, Guy Kawasaki, the Silicon Valley legend, co-founded Alltop in 2008. The site is what's known as a "news aggregator", which means it collects feeds from blogs and websites all over the world. It then allows you to organize the feeds of your favorite blogs on your personalized Alltop page.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information published on any given subject. With Alltop, I can create a custom page of blog feeds and quickly scan the top stories, instead of flipping through articles on an RSS reader. Bottom line - it's saves me time and aggravation.

Okay, end of commercial. I just wanted to share this milestone with you guys. Thanks for reading :)


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