Sony Unveils Limited Edition Blu-ray Set for The Amazing Spider-Man

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I just got my first peek at the deluxe collector's Blu-ray set for The Amazing Spider-Man, and it's jam full of goodies for Spidey fanatics. In addition to 4 discs with bonus footage, we'll get a set of detailed figurines of Spider-Man and The Lizard. The exact release date hasn't been set, but of course it'll be in plenty of time for the holiday gift season. 
Update 9/4/12 - This item will go on sale November 9, 2012. 

The Amazing Spider-Man, Blu-ray,movies,film,Spiderman,Capes on Film,superheroes

You can pre-order this set at the link below, and Amazon will ship it to you as soon as it goes on sale. (this post contains affiliate links)

The Amazing Spider-Man (Limited Edition Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD with Figurines) 

The Amazing Spider-Man, Blu-ray,movies,film,Spiderman,Capes on Film,superheroes

Here's all the coolness included in this 4 Disc Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set -

Special Features: 

Deleted Scenes and Alternate Takes
Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew
The Oscorp Archives – Art and Promotional Materials Gallery
Screen Tests
Stunt Rehearsals
Both 3D & 2D versions of the film
Interactive 3D Film School with Director Marc Webb
Collectible Amazing Spider-Man Figurine
Collectible Lizard Figurine

(The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, and Campbell Scott.)

If you'd like to save a few bucks and just pick up the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital package, check the info below.

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Source: Amazon, Daily Blam

The Everyman Superhero - A Look at Three Recent Films

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Aaron Johnson - Kick-Ass (Lionsgate)
This post is by a long-time friend of Capes on Film - Greg Smith, founder of Agile Writers (a writer’s club dedicated to helping the beginning writer create a first-draft novel in 6 months). Greg compares three movies that present everyday people who take up the cause of the cape, with varied success - Kick-Ass, Super, and Griff the Invisible

At Agile Writers we are guided by the principles of storytelling that were exposed by Joseph Campbell in The Hero With A Thousand Faces.   In it, a hero (the central character) has a missing inner quality and must go on a journey to discover that quality and satisfy it.  The hero starts out in his ordinary world where “something happens” that pushes him into some other “special world” where he meets friends and enemies.  He accomplishes some goal and in so doing he fulfills his missing inner quality.

The classic super hero story is often just such a journey.  The hero has some character flaw that is exposed early in the story.  The hero attains a power that throws him into a special world of being “super.”  He spends the next part of the story learning how to master the power.  By the end of the first 30 minutes of the film, our hero has mastered his powers and he has an enemy to overcome.  Meanwhile, we’ve also learned that the hero has a severe inner pain that must be salved.  And we’re off.

Today I’d like to look at three very similar films.  These films depict ordinary people who take up the cause of the super hero and attempt to right the wrongs of society from behind the mask.

In Kick-Ass (2010) we meet young Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) who has all the problems of the typical teenager.  He wants to meet girls, he gets his lunch money stolen by older boys, and he feels powerless in a world of adults.  Dave becomes so tired of being a victim and of watching others play the victim that he dons a green scuba outfit and becomes Kick-Ass the crime fighter.  He confronts the local hoodlums who quickly stab him and throw him under a bus.  Dave undergoes multiple surgeries to reinforce his bones with steel and as a result of his accident he has a reduced sensation to pain.  He befriends other local self-made heroes and takes on the crime syndicate.

Super,movie,film,superhero,Rainn Wilson,Capes on Film
Rainn Wilson - Super (IFC Films)
In Super  (2010) we’re introduced to Frank Darbo (Rain Wilson) who is a thirty-something short order cook.  He’s done little with his life – so little in fact that the two main events of his life are getting married to his lovely wife (Liv Tyler) and pointing out a thief at a fruit stand.  His recovering addict wife of seven years leaves him for Jacques (Kevin Bacon) who supplies her with drugs.  Frank becomes inspired by watching late night Christian broadcasts depicting a super hero who leads children away from the devil and into a life of righteous living.  Frank decides that he is going to recover his wife by becoming the Crimson Bolt.  He befriends a young girl who clerks at the local comic-book store and together they take on the local drug syndicate.

Griff the Invisible,movie,film,superhero,Capes on Film
Ryan Kwanten - Griff (Green Park Pictures)
From Australia comes Griff the Invisible (2010), the story of an ordinary office worker who believes that he has harnessed the power of invisibility.  Griff (Ryan Kwanten) dons a black scuba suit and lurks around at night looking for evil-doers. Along the way he meets a pretty girl who recognizes Griff for his ability to maintain a child-like innocence and sense of wonder. 

What these characters have in common is a sense of powerlessness.  They feel so powerless, in fact, that the only way they can overcome it is if they cocoon themselves in garb and mask and change their identities.

Unlike the super heroes of comics and film, they aren’t hiding their identities to protect those they love, but to protect themselves from detection.  Once hidden, they are able to distance themselves from the limitations they feel when they are their ordinary selves.

And that is the message of these films. We each have the capacity to go beyond who and what we are right now.  The things that often hold us down are the preconceptions that we have about ourselves, and the prejudging that others impose upon us.  When these heroes don the mask and cape, they isolate and separate themselves from these limitations.  They are telling us that when we ignore the ties that society uses to bind us, and we unleash ourselves from our self-imposed limitations, we each become super.

Kick-Ass, Super, and Griff all follow super hero patterns that you’ll recognize.  There is an origin story, the definition of the villain, a pretty girl to acquire, a deep disappointment followed by a gathering storm and finally a climactic battle to set things right.  What is different about these films from other super hero films is that in the end, each hero returns to his origin:  ordinary, healed, and newly super.

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Deleted Scene from The Avengers Shows Bruce Banner after Hulking-out

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Check out this deleted scene from The Avengers that will be included on the Blu-ray set (on sale September 25). In the clip, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) talks to the security guard (Harry Dean Stanton) after Hulking-out, and it sounds like he's still unsure about his being the Hulk

Guard: "Which one is it?"

Banner: "Sorry?"

Guard: "Are you a big guy that gets all little, or a little guy that sometimes blows up large?"

Banner: "You know, I'm not even sure."

UPDATE: 8/21/12 - The YouTube clip has been removed, so visit Entertainment Weekly to view the scene mentioned above. 

Thanks to EW, CBM, and @movie_maniac_

Listen to a Bane Dialogue Soundboard from The Dark Knight Rises

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This is officially the coolest thing I've seen (or heard) this week. A user of the file storage and sharing site Mega SWF created a soundboard consisting of 26 bits of Bane dialogue from The Dark Knight Rises. As I mentioned in another post, I'm fascinated by the voice performance of Tom Hardy and the work of the TDKR sound designers, so I'm loving this. So far, Hardy hasn't talked about his inspiration for that distinctive Bane dialect, but I detect a little vintage Sean Connery in there. 

Bane, The Dark Knight Rises, movies, film, Batman, Capes on Film, superheroes

Click on the image below to check out the soundboard and practice your Bane impersonation.

Bane, The Dark Knight Rises, movies, film, Batman, Capes on Film, superheroes
Thanks to MTV and Vulture for the heads up

Wanna See the Director's Pitch to Fox Studios for that Daredevil Movie Reboot?

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It looks like we won't be seeing that long-rumored Daredevil reboot anytime soon. According to reports from Collider and others, Twentieth Century Fox and Joe Carnahan, director of The Grey, seemed to have something cooking, but Fox backed out. That means Fox will have to return the movie rights to The Man Without Fear to Marvel Studios, unless they can start production before October 10, 2012. Since that's nearly impossible, it appears Matt Murdock/Daredevil will come home to Marvel. Of course, that's goods news in a way, but it'll be years before Marvel can get a reboot in production. 

Thanks to a heads up from Collider, I spotted this "sizzle reel" that Carnahan posted on August 14, and it gives us a great idea of how the DD film might have appeared. A "sizzle reel", as Collider explains, is a collection of clips from movies, still photos, and even comic book panels, all stitched together to give an overall feel of a movie, without having to shoot any new footage. This is what Carnahan showed the execs at Fox in order to get a green light on the film, and for some crazy reason Fox gave it a thumbs down.

It's a shame we won't be seeing Carnahan's vision come to life, because the clip shows a down 'n dirty version of DD that was sorely lacking in the 2003 movie. I loved how Carnahan was planning to set this movie in 1973, the period when New York City was at it's lowest point in terms of organized crime, drugs, and urban decay. Hopefully, when Marvel eventually regains the rights to DD, they'll have the good sense to let Carnahan turn this 90 second clip into the real deal.

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Check out the Three Year Marvel Studios Movie Schedule

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I never thought I'd be saying this, but there are so many superhero movies being planned, it's hard to keep track of them all. Warner Bros. and Fox both have several projects either filming or in development, and Marvel Studios has officially announced no less than six movies that will open over the next three years. Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World are already filming and Captain America: The Winter Soldier will start production in early 2013. Ant-Man appears to be headed for a summer 2014 release, while The Avengers 2 will open in the summer of 2015. 

The big question mark on this schedule is Marvel's space-based super-team, Guardians of the Galaxy. The other films feature iconic characters that are proven crowd-pleasers, while GotG is relatively unknown out of comic circles. Besides these six announced movies, there are also rumors that Marvel will release another film in 2015, but so far the studio hasn't confirmed or denied that speculation.

As a way to stay on top of all these upcoming flicks from Marvel Studios, I put together the image above using the official opening dates and the logos for each film. The only opening dates that are still up in the air are Ant-Man and The Avengers 2, but I'm betting we'll learn those in the next couple of months. 

When I look at this slate of movies, it's hard to believe how far Marvel Studios has progressed since 2008's Iron Man - the one that started it all. 

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Thanks to screenrant

Geekdom Rejoices! Joss Whedon To Direct The Avengers 2

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Avengers copyright Marvel - fan art by Satria W
The news we've all been waiting for finally arrived today - Joss Whedon will return to direct The Avengers 2! Here's the official press release from Marvel Studios -
“Joss Whedon has signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Studios for film and television through the end of June 2015. As part of that deal, Whedon will write and direct Marvel’s The Avengers 2 as well as help develop a new live action series for Marvel Television at ABC. He will also contribute creatively to the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe.”
Okay, as cool as this news is, Whedon's returning to helm the sequel to The Avengers is not a huge surprise, in my opinion. I have a hunch that decision was made weeks ago, but Marvel was just waiting for the right time to announce it. After all, how could Whedon not take advantage of this incredible opportunity? The really interesting part of this announcement, to me, is the "live action series" that's mentioned in the press release. We've known for a while that Marvel had plans to expand the Avengers universe into television, but giving Whedon the reigns of this project gives it an entirely new dimension. The question is - How superhero-centric will the TV series be? Early reports indicated that Marvel was looking to develop a show with connections to The Avengers, but with no capes actually on camera. Now that Whedon is creating the show, I can't believe Marvel wouldn't capitalize on The Avengers box office success - maybe by utilizing Marvel's stable of lesser known superheroes. We'll have lots of time to guess at what Whedon will come up with, seeing as the TV show is at least a year from becoming a reality. 

By the way, if you need a quick refresher on Whedon's career, check out the video below. It does a great job of explaining why he was the perfect choice to bring The Avengers to the screen. 

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Check out the First Pics from the Australian Set of 'The Wolverine'

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Unofficial fan art
At last, cameras roll on the set of The Wolverine. I admit, this isn't the most earth-shattering collection of pics, but I'll take 'em. I've been watching the development of this movie for two years, so it's cool to see it finally begin shooting. 

The Wolverine has been delayed a couple of times because of scheduling conflicts with star, Hugh Jackman, and the withdrawal of director, Darren AronofskyJames Mangold (3:10 to Yuma) assumed the director's chair after Aronofsky's departure, and he'll have to hustle in order to get this movie completed in time for its July 26, 2013 opening date.

The pics compiled in the video below are of a snowy scene being filmed in Australia (where it's currently winter), and show a very hairy Jackman as Logan. 


Facts about The Wolverine you need to know -
  • It's based on the acclaimed 1982 comic book series Wolverine by Chris Claremont and artist, Frank Miller, in which the lone mutant travels to Japan on a mission of love, duty, and honor.
  • It's not a sequel to the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but is a completely new story-line with no relation to the earlier movie.
  • It has a relatively small budget for a superhero movie ($80 million U.S.) - this is a possible sign that it won't be a huge CGI-filled spectacle, but more of a character-driven film in which we get more insight into who Logan/Wolverine really is. 
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LOL Alert: Watch Famous Actors in a (Fake) Audition for The Dark Knight Rises

Alex Farnham
Honestly, I've never heard of Alex Farnham or his YouTube channel, Dam It's Good 808, but after watching this "audition tape" for The Dark Knight Rises, you can bet I'm a subscriber. In this clip, Farnham does spot on impressions of Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom, Clint Eastwood, and other actors, all trying out for the role of Batman in TDKR. I think my favorite is the befuddled Mark Wahlberg. How 'bout you?

Let me know what you thought of Farnham's impressions on Twitter.

Thanks to blastr for the heads up. 

Expect Time Travelling in the X-Men Movie 'Days of Future Past'

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unofficial fan art 
Big news from the X-Men movie universe - producer, Bryan Singer, has confirmed that the title of the follow-up to X-Men: First Class will be X-Men: Days of Future Past. In an interview with IGN, Singer said the film will begin shooting "in a few months" and that it's based on the classic X-Men comic book of the same name. In the 1981 comic by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, a member of the X-Men of the future travels back to the present day in order to prevent a future timeline in which mutants are hunted and killed. 
"It's going to be very ambitious. It's called 'Days of Future Past', and it deals with aspects of that comic, but also some very new things. I just don't want to give any of it away. Matthew Vaughn will be directing, and I'm totally excited about it." - Bryan Singer
Here's a plot synopsis of  The Uncanny X-Men, issues 141 and 142 via Wikipedia
The storyline alternates between present day, in which the X-Men fight Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and a future timeline caused by the X-Men's failure to prevent the Brotherhood from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly. In this future universe, Sentinels rule the United States, and mutants live in internment camps. The present-day X-Men are forewarned of the possible future by a future version of their teammate Kitty Pryde, whose mind traveled back in time and possessed her younger self to warn the X-Men. She succeeds in her mission and returns to the future, but despite her success, the future timeline still exists as an alternative timeline rather than as the actual future. (The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005 gave the numerical designation of "Days of Future Past" Earth as Earth-811).
As if Singer's announcement wasn't cool enough, he went on tell IGN that Fox is looking to bring some "connectivity" to the X-Men movies. He even mentioned Marvel Studios and their strategy involving the expanding Avengers universe as something Fox might want to "explore". 

Is it possible that Fox has some sort of grand strategy, in which it creates several spin-off franchises, with characters crossing over into each other's films? It's way too early to tell at this point, but the fact that they're considering it shows how the superhero genre is still in its infancy. The stable of X-Men-related characters that Fox can draw from is massive. If the studio handles those properties wisely, we could see at least one X-Men movie released per year, for many years to come. How does this news from Singer and Fox strike you? Think they can build on the success of X-Men: First Class with this sequel? 

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