Three Fan-made Superhero Videos You Probably Missed

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First of all, Happy Holidays everybody, and if you celebrate Christmas, I hope you find a Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray box set under your tree. Since 'tis the season to be merry and bright and all that, I just wanted to share some fun stuff I saw this week. I found  three videos that all have a common theme - they spoof superhero movie trailers in one way or another. I have to admit, sometimes these trailers can be way too solemn, so a healthy dose of satire can be a good thing. Kinda restores the balance, ya know?

First up is a short clip that imagines the opening credits of Iron Man 3 as a 1980s TV sitcom. It's amazing how a little change in the background music gives these IM3 scenes a different feel. Kudos to Jeremy Hawkins on a slick editing job.

Next is an impressive bit of home-made videography by The video is a shot-for-shot remake of the Man of Steel trailer, and it's definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it. What's remarkable to me is the short length of time it took Dust Films to make this trailer. The real Man of Steel trailer was released on December 11, and this version was posted on December 20. These guys must've worked their asses off for a week to get this video made so fast. Of course, stuff like this is done for laughs, and it has several LOL shots. I especially got a chuckle out of the Kevin Costner impersonation.

This last video is called Super Cafe - Trailer of Steel, and it's an animation from the guys at and it shows a most unimpressed Batman discussing the Man of Steel trailer with his pal, Superman. The Dark Knight thinks people are really more excited about seeing Christopher Nolan's name on the screen than Supes'. The writing in this clip is great, and it actually points out a few things regarding movie trailers that's spot on. 

So, whaddya think about these three clips? Sound off below, and let me know if you saw any other videos that deserve some love.   


  1. thank you for the shout out... it's funny i love my silly slide shows... i need to make more.

    have a great "super" day!

    1. No prob Jeremy. Hope to see more of your vids in 2013.


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