The Dark Knight Trilogy as a Teen Romantic Comedy?

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Just because there aren’t any blockbuster superhero movies opening soon doesn’t mean we have nothing to watch. Thanks to some creative (and slightly whacked out) fans, we have a trailer that’ll fill the void until the real thing hits the screen.

Check out this re-imagining of the entire Dark Knight Trilogy as a teen romantic comedy. 

Yep, I know it sounds  lame, but this is actually one of the most creative parody trailers I’ve seen. It’s appropriately titled Gotham High, and major props to whoever’s behind this. It was uploaded by movieclipsTrailers, but there wasn’t a name attached to it. (The credit “directed by Oliver Nolan” is a gag. Oliver is Christopher Nolan’s son.) It’s incredibly well-edited and it’s fun trying to name all the movies it splices together. If you know who created this or have any info on it, let me know.

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image source: movieclipsTrailers