Amazingly Realistic Superhero Digital Art Portraits

Robert Downey Jr, digital art, art, Sheridan Johns, Capes on Film
First of all, these are not photographs! At first I thought they were, but they’re all digital paintings. Aren’t they incredible? I found these images while perusing the latest submissions on deviantART. I happened to stumble across the work of Australian artist, Sheridan Johns, and I noticed some familiar faces. Sheridan’s gallery includes dozens of portraits of pop culture celebrities, but I spotted quite a few superhero-related pieces. I don’t have space to post them all, so I just picked my favorites. Many thanks to Sheridan for granting me permission to post her art.
I thought the above drawing of Robert Downey Jr. as the debonair Tony Stark was spot on and definitely deserved to be showcased here. As I looked at the rest of Sheridan’s work, I noticed other pieces that were just as impressive. Have a look at my favorites from her gallery and be sure to check out Sheridan’s many other portraits on her deviantART page.
Tim Roth, digital art, art, Sheridan Johns, Capes on Film
Chloe Moretz, Hit Girl, Sheridan Johns, Capes on Film
Scarlett Johansson, Sheridan Johns, Capes on Film
Samuel L. Jackson, art,Sheridan Johns, Capes on Film
Chris Evans, Sheridan Johns, Capes on Film


  1. wonderful... i think i have watched the avengers... like 50 times and go over and over the films that lead up to it... and started including the hulk into the mix... this art is a constant reminder that i am not alone.

    1. Hey Jeremy thanks for checkin it out. Yeah, I think The Avengers is the best superhero movie ever made.

  2. it's the group together that makes it come together... i cannot think of the last real time so many in one place... other than abbott and costello films when they had the monsters from universal. i just hope hollywood doesn't over due the magic...


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