Warner Bros. Wins Legal Case for Superman Film Rights

Superman, Man of Steel, Capes on Film
Superman © DC - Painting by Alex Ross 
The Associated Press is reporting that the heirs of Joe Shuster, the co-creator of Superman, have lost a legal battle to regain the rights to the Son of Krypton. This is a huge win for Warner Bros. and DC Comics, because their use of the Superman character and image in books, television, and film would've been forever altered had they lost. 

Warner Bros. has the feature film, Man of Steel set for release in 2013, and Superman comic books and merchandising are perennial best-sellers for the entertainment giant. 
"DC Comics sued the heirs of artist Joe Shuster in 2010, seeking a ruling that they lost their ability to try to reclaim the superhero's copyrights in 1992. U.S. District Court Judge Otis Wright II agreed, stating that Shuster's sister and brother relinquished any chance to reclaim Superman copyrights in exchange for annual pension payments from DC Comics." - AP
I do feel sympathy for the Shuster family, but according to the ruling, about twenty years ago, the family exchanged any future rights to Superman in return for a higher annual payment. This just goes to show - be careful what you sign