Let's Remember and Honor the Victims of the Colorado Shooting

I'm sure like all of you, I was sickened by the news of the horrible shooting that took place in Colorado last night at a showing of 'The Dark Knight Rises'. This senseless tragedy has turned a day of fun and celebration into a day of mourning. If you're like me, you've already purchased your ticket for TDKR and were planning to see it today or this weekend. 

Yes, I still plan to go to TDKR today, but I will be thinking about the victims of last night's violence. I don't think we should allow the acts of one deranged person to prevent us from going about our lives as usual (while keeping the victims in our thoughts and prayers). However, out of respect to those affected by the Colorado tragedy, I will only be posting memorials to the victims for the next 48 hours. Thank you and take care.

CNN coverage of the Colorado shooting