Is a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Movie on Marvel's Slate?

Guardians of the Galaxy copyright Marvel Comics
News circulated around the internets today that Marvel Studios will release a live-action, feature film in 2014, based on the Marvel comic book Guardians of the Galaxy. If that name isn't totally familiar to you, don't worry, it's one of Marvel's lesser known properties. 

I totally admit, in order to analyze this story, I had to do a quick Wikipedia search to refresh my memory on the comic books. Long story short, the Guardians are a strange assortment of superheroes and aliens that even includes a talking raccoon (aptly named Rocket Raccoon). Other members of the team have monikers such as Bug, Cosmo, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot.  

They have a long, complex comic book history in which they've battled various cosmic baddies, including one story called The Thanos Imperative - starring the big, bad, purple guy who appeared at the end of The Avengers movie. If you need a quick tutorial on the Guardians, you might want to peruse the team's Wikipedia entry.

The website Latino Review reported this "exclusive" today (June 28) and several movie sites repeated the story as the big news of the day. My philosophy is - until it's confirmed by the studio, it's just a rumor. With all due respect to the fine people at Latino Review, they seem to have an "exclusive" story every day, so I'm always a bit skeptical about reports like today's.

Supposedly, the Guardians movie will tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the characters will interact with members of The Avengers. While it is true that Marvel has purchased several domain names that are related to the Guardians (as reported by /Film), that doesn't prove a movie is in the works. Marvel could be planning an animated TV show or movie, instead of a live-action flick.

I'll be shocked if this story turns out to be true. I don't think Marvel would risk damaging the phenomenal success of The Avengers franchise by incorporating this obscure cast of characters into its movie universe. My best guess - we'll see a direct to DVD, full-length, animated movie starring the Guardians, or maybe a live-action TV show.

What's your take on this, ahem, "news"? Think the Guardians of the Galaxy will be a lead-in movie for The Avengers 2 or will this story be shot down as false?