Trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' Now Online!

Fan-made poster by Andrew - deviantART
"When Gotham is ashes", a seemingly victorious Bane says to a battered and bleeding Bruce Wayne, "you have my permission to die." 

That's one of the quotes from the first full length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. When I saw the trailer this weekend in the theater, it looked magnificent on the big screen, and fortunately Warner Bros. has released it online today. Take a look at what Christopher Nolan and company have in store for us next summer - and while you're at it, explain to me why Wayne appears to be a captive in some sort of prison. Very interesting...

Thanks to The Hero Complex for the heads up


  1. Hi Matthew! I'm not entirely convinced by this trailer: not enough Batman! But, of course, this is just the first trailer...

    It's interesting that the film is called "The Dark Knight Rises" yet it's the end of the trilogy... and the end of Batman?

  2. Hey Simon I haven't given much thought to the title til now, but I agree - curious it is.

    In the trailer, Wayne hears that weird chanting and asks "What are they saying?"

    The other character replies "Rises"

    I wonder how that ties into the title?


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