'The Dark Knight Rises' Invades New York

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Okay, this is a tad spoilery, but really, how often do we get such awesome behind-the-scenes views of one of the biggest movies in years, namely, The Dark Knight Rises? So, having been warned, let's go!
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Christopher Nolan and company took over major chunks of The Big Apple over the weekend (Nov. 4-6), and with the help of a few hundred extras, transformed Wall Street into total anarchy. While none of the real-life Occupy Wall Street protesters were anywhere to be seen, Batman nemesis, Bane, and his hordes of followers battled Gotham's finest in the huge street brawl shown in these videos.

This first clip shows a bird's eye view of the chaos as seen from the ninth floor of a New York office building and was shot by Twitter user @deannabee  ...

...and the clip below shows a ground level shot of the mayhem on what appears to be the same day's filming, and was shot by Twitter user @justonpayne

This clip is a little puzzling because it shows the rioters fighting hand to hand with the police, which isn't exactly realistic police procedure, as far as I know. Nolan always strives for realism, so it'll be interesting to see how this scene plays out in the film. If anyone has heard any background info that might shed some light on these clips, I'd love to hear it.

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  1. Looks cool! Thanks for posting, Matthew.

    I just hope Nolan's last Bat-flick is slightly less pompous and po-faced than the previous two. As much as I've enjoyed them they always seemed too "heavy" for their own good. To quote the late Heath Ledger: "Why so serious?"

  2. @cerebus660 Thanks for the visit, Simon. I greatly admired Nolan's reboot of Bats, but, like you, I don't think it was flawless. Frankly, I'm looking forward to seeing another director's vision, once this trilogy concludes. Nonetheless, can't WAIT to see TDKR!


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