Go Behind-the-Scenes in 'X-Men: First Class' DVD/Blu-ray

Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique 
The DVD/Blu-ray release of X-Men: First Class went on sale yesterday (Sept. 9) and, of course, it's loaded with behind-the-scenes clips and alternate scenes. If you're still debating whether or not to purchase it, here's a look at some "extras" that might help you decide.

Michael Fassbender
A couple of weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly gave us an exclusive clip from the DVD/Blu-ray which showed an alternate version of the strip club scene- the one where Erik (Michael Fassbender) and Charles (James McAvoy) try to recruit Angel (Zoe Kravitz) as a member of the X-Men. Only in this version, Charles gives Angel a demonstration of his telepathic powers that makes her see Erik dressed in drag. Don't know about you, but I think the director, Matthew Vaughn, made the right call when he left this scene on the cutting room floor. Check it out HERE and see if you agree.

Another of the goodies you'll find on the First Class home video package is a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible make-up process that Jennifer Lawrence underwent in order to become the blue-skinned Mystique. This is the kind of movie-magic stuff that I geek out over. I'm constantly amazed at the work done by make up artists like the ones shown in this clip, not to mention the patience of actors who have to endure the process for hours upon hours. Although I can't show the clip here, you can watch it at io9  

Finally, we have the clip below, which shows some of the work that went into making those cool blue and yellow costumes. For me, the suits were one of the many highlights of First Class because they referred back to the classic X-Men comic book threads, while at the same time appeared to be functional and modern (by 1960s standards, anyway). One of the designers explains that they looked to NASA and other space-age sources from the '60s for inspiration and even used actual Kevlar in the construction. How cool is that?