Tyrese Gibson Campaigns for 'Luke Cage' Role in Marvel Movie

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Actor, Tyrese Gibson, really wants to portray Luke Cage/Power Man in the movie adaptation of the Marvel comic book. Check this video that he directed at the Marvel Studios honchos while he was at the Transformers: Dark of the Moon premiere -
"Listen, to Marvel: this is Tyrese Gibson. Get it together. Let's go ahead and shoot this comic book. Luke Cage is one of the original Marvel characters. Show some more respect. Go ahead and get some traction going on Luke Cage. I'm ready. I've got my headband ready, baby. What's the problem, officer? Let's get it!" - Tyrese Gibson
Ya know what? I think he has a shot at the role because he has an established fan base after appearing in several blockbuster action movies. However, he isn't so well-known that people would associate him with a previous role instead of Cage. Who knows? Maybe Marvel agrees.

BTW - Gibson isn't the first actor to engage in a little self-promotion for the Luke Cage part. A few weeks ago, Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice Guy) produced a film clip in which he starred as Cage. So far, Marvel has been mum on who they might consider for the part, and in fact, the movie is still in the earliest stages of development - without even a director or screenplay.

Thanks to ReelzChannel for the heads up. Check out the full article at the link below. 
Tyrese Gibson Challenges Marvel Studios to "Show Some More Respect" to Luke Cage; Says He is "Ready" to Play the Role


  1. Mebbe Tyrese will self produce a trailer as well...

  2. @Nick - Hey thanks for stopping by. You reminded me about Isaiah Mustafa's self-made trailer (which I thought was pretty cool). I stuck a link to his trailer in my post on Gibson. Cheers!


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