'The Amazing Spider-Man' Screenwriter Says Movie is "more realistic"

The Amazing Spider-Man - Sony Pictures
The most anticipated event at next week's San Diego Comic-Con International (July 21-24)is the premiere of the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, and while that's cool, we still need even more Spidey info. While Sony's highly anticipated reboot of  the Spider-Man franchise is still in post-production, we're gradually getting a sense of what the final film will look like. For example, a recent interview with the film's screenwriter, Steve Kloves, -published by Collidersheds some light on the overall tone of the movie.
Check out a few highlights from the interview below -

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
"He (Kloves) says the tone is more realistic than the previous Spider-Man films. He wanted to make sure that the film was grounded in reality, because he said he can’t write cartoony dialogue. They told him reality was what they wanted, they wanted him to write Peter Parker as a real character. 
He said he wrote very naturalistically. There’s a lot of humor, but it’s naturalistic humor, not jokes.
Since Sony is planning a trilogy, they asked him to write the sequel, but he declined, he said he dated the property, he doesn’t wanna marry it. 
He said there’s a reason that their Spider-Man has mechanical webshooters as opposed to organic ones. Kloves says he wrote some really cool things involving the mechanical webshooters.
 Marvel was very involved in the film, as they are with all movies based on their properties. They provided a sort of bible of things that were crucial to the character.He says Mark Webb was really schooling himself in 3D, and wanted to shoot the movie in a sort of pure form of 3D, in a sophisticated way.
For lots more Spidey info, read the entire interview at the link below
Steve Kloves Interview THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN