What Caused Green Lantern's Problems

Green Lantern copyright DC comics - painting by Alex Ross
I'm in the distinct minority in thinking that Green Lantern is actually a well-made superhero movie, but it's been slammed far and wide by most major critics. Kinda sorry the box office was less than stellar because the Lantern universe is one I'd like to see explored in sequels. Even though a sequel is already being written, I wouldn't count on it making it to the cineplex anytime soon.

Movie industry reporters are analyzing what went wrong, and this article on ComicsBeat.com (via The Hollywood Reporter) lists some of the reasons that might have lead to Green Lantern's disappointing debut.  Read the full article here: More finger-pointing emerges in Green Lantern fail | The Beat


  1. What a pity! I wanted this film and especially Ryan Reynolds to succeed!


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