Thor Star Says Film Will Roll on 'Avengers' Soon

Marvel Studios
It was a relatively quiet week in superhero cinema, but the Thor promotion continues to ramp up in anticipation of its May 6 opening day in the USA, and some cool Avengers info dropped.

Of course, we're all waiting to see the Norse god get his own flick, but what we really want is for summer 2012 to get here so we can witness the team-up of Marvel's superhero icons in The Avengers.

The Avengers - copyright Marvel Comics, painting by Alex Ross
This week, Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, was interviewed by MTV and gave a bit of info about the preparations for The Avengers. He said that he and the other actors that make up the superhero team haven't officially sat down and conducted a read through of the script, but he said filming on The Avengers will begin shortly after Thor opens.

Also in the interview, Hemsworth was asked, "Whose film is it?" - meaning "Which character is the star?" He said that director, Joss Whedon, plans to give all of the Avengers their share of screen time.
"Everyone really does get a go and I think Joss has done an incredible job of throwing it together and making sure that happens." - Chris Hemsworth
Check out the interview below or see the MTV article


  1. Matt, I so need to get out to the cinema more often! I must find a magazine here to write for or soemthing so I can get free tickets! They are so expensive in London (the cost of 1.5 CDs or 2 books).

    Thor is opening this week in London I think. I wonder if it will be any good? Never thought I'd see major mythology and adventure teamed up with Brannagh.

  2. I know what you mean about ticket prices, Mandy, and with 3D films, it's even worse.

    BTW - ANY movie site would be lucky to have a writer of your caliber on board. Good luck :)


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