Andrew Garfield on Playing Spidey

Andrew Garfield on BBC Breakfast program

Spider-Man copyright Marvel Comics
Andrew Garfield, who'll don the red and blue in Sony/Columbia's as yet untitled Spider-Man-reboot, sat down for a chat on a British morning show recently. In the clip, he shows a great respect for Spidey's comic book origins and appears to be a worthy successor to Tobey Maguire. After you check out the video, let me know what you think of Garfield's views on the webslinger.
Watch Garfield's interview on the BBC

X-Men:First Class - Rumor Patrol

X-Men copyright Marvel Comics
 Earlier in 2010, I posted some info on X-Men:First Class (opening July 17, 2011) and some of the actors up for the roles of the young mutants. In the last couple of months, the film's production has gotten up to speed and is currently filming on Jekyll Island, Georgia (USA) and locations in England.    
Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique

Now that the film is in high gear, the rumor mill has rumbled to life.

I spotted a post by Josh Wilding over at which has quotes by someone claiming to have worked on First Class. Of course, this anonymous tipster is most likely just an attention-seeking fanboy, but there's always the slight possibility it could be the real stuff. (Read more after the break)

Thor Gallery

The first official Thor trailer hit theaters last week and the first impression wowed everybody. The stills also gave us a great initial look at the overall design of the movie. Don't know about anyone else, but I especially liked the costume design. I detect a definite Kirby-esque influence in the geometric patterns adorning the armor. Hard to imagine too many people are disappointed at what they saw in these early pics. Did the trailer match what you imagined Thor would look like?

First Look at the Georgia Set of "X-Men: First Class"

Mystique - copyright Marvel Comics
Thanks to a heads up from the Facebook fan page, Marvel Movies , I checked out the blog, Scottish Actors - which, as you might surmise, focuses on Scottish actors.

I'm not sure what the Scottish connection is regarding X-Men: First Class, but the site has some pics from the set of that film. As far as I know, these are some of the first pics from the Georgia (USA) location. No cast members are shown, but it's still worth a look. Link to the pics is below.

For an earlier post about X-Men: First Class in Georgia, click here.
Do you have any ideas how the beach location in the pics could factor into the plot of First Class, or if there's any connection to the known X-Men universe? If so, I'd like to hear 'em.

Jennifer Lawrence Talks "X-Men" and "Winter's Bone"

Jennifer Lawrence

In this interview, Jennifer Lawrence, the 20 year-old star of Winter's Bone and the upcoming X-Men: First Class, talks to Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood. In the clip's first couple of minutes she mentions some of the challenges of being in a superhero movie and what it's like being painted blue from head to toe for her role as Raven Darkholme, aka Mystique.

I must admit, until I saw Winter's Bone recently, I wasn't familiar with Lawrence's work, but her performance in that film has me searching for anything she's appeared in. Some critics are even talking a possible Oscar nomination for her role in Winter's Bone, and I think deservedly so. However, in an article by Tim Appelo of The Hollywood Reporter, it's rumored that her appearance in X-Men: First Class prevented her from winning a recent prestigious award and might ruin her Oscar chances as well.

Quoting Appelo's article:

Some charge that Lawrence was punished for ruining her indie mystique by playing Mystique in X-Men: First Class, though I personally feel it behooves her to do blue (she got in trouble for blabbing that her character's skin is blue in part of that film). From The Hollywood Reporter
Below is a clip from Winter's Bone.