Actor and YouTube Star Anthony Ingruber Talks Cape Movies

Anthony Ingruber- Photo by Lindsay Keats and Art Direction by Alicia Ingruber
I recently had a chance to talk to actor and YouTube sensation, Anthony Ingruber, about movies and superheroes and was impressed by his knowledge of the genre. I think you'll see from our discussion that he has a tremendous amount of respect and love for comic books and the films based on them.

CoF: Anthony, I've enjoyed the videos on your YouTube channel, especially the ones based on superhero films. Your impression of Nicholson, Hamill and Ledger as The Joker was a perfect fit for my blog, so I was glad to share your work with my readers. I'd like to get your thoughts on the films based on comic books as well as more info on your background.

First, I noticed in your bio that you got your start in the film industry at the renowned  WETA Workshop in New Zealand. What was that experience like and how did it influence you?

AI: I had the great fortune to be offered an internship working at Weta Workshop.  At the time, I had just finished high school and still had not decided on a career choice.  I knew I enjoyed acting, but I never felt confident enough to pursue it as a legitimate career.  During my time at Weta Workshop, I was able to assist in prop development for Avatar and Under the Mountain and was fascinated and captivated by the amount of work and dedication that goes into the film industry.  Working alongside such an amazing group of talented artists, I was inspired to follow my own passion and pursue acting as a career.