Catwoman #51: Sexiest Comic Book Cover Ever?

Although this post isn't directly film-related, I always felt this cover would make a fantastic poster for a future Catwoman movie. This is how I picture Selina Kyle appearing if she ever makes it to the big screen again. 

 Catwoman # 51 (pub. March 2006) is graced with one of the sexiest covers of any comic book in the last several years. It depicts a grim, but fearless, Selina Kyle posing for a Gotham Police mugshot, and it's drawn and inked by Adam Hughes, who is well-known for his gorgeous renditions of female superheroes. Besides being a classic cover, I wanted to post this because the costume Kyle is wearing closely resembles the one that Rachel Weisz wears in a photo I posted a few weeks ago. I wonder if it's a coincidence? Anyway, if Catwoman ever makes an appearance in another superhero movie, the filmmakers would be wise to use this portrait as a model.
If you're interested in a review of the comic, you can check out Hero Spy. 
An interesting bit of trivia about this cover: The numbers that Catwoman is holding appeared several times in the TV series Lost.
Apparently, this cover also inspires many fans to try to recreate it. Here are two examples that can be found on Deviant Art