Dig Comics - Movie Review

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I finally got a copy of the documentary, Dig Comics, and thought I'd post a few thoughts. First though, a little background on the movie...

According to the Dig Comics website, (where you can view a trailer) the film is written, hosted and directed by Miguel Cima, a graduate of the NYU film school. Several other film pros were involved in the making of the movie, including the award-winning cartoonist, Scott Shaw!. The movie was also named "Best Documentary" at the 2009 Comic-Con in San Diego and is seeking funding in order to produce a full-length version.

Miguel Cima
Dig Comics tries to answer the question: Why don't more Americans read comic books?  The film explores that topic in a couple of ways. First, Cima, who's as passionate a comic book fan as you'll ever see, hits the street in search of answers. Several minutes are devoted to Cima interviewing ordinary folks of all ages at a shopping mall. I thought this segment was interesting because the responses that Cima got when he asked "Do you read comics?" are probably typical of most Americans. Most of the reasons why they didn't revolved around lack of access to the books and not realizing the variety of work being produced.

New Iron Man 2 Trailer

Iron Man 2 - Paramount Pictures
Here's another ultra-cool Iron Man 2 clip released by Paramount on March 28. The movie is directed by John Favreau and is opening in the U.S.on May 7. This new video, which includes scenes not in the theatrical trailer, gives a little more screen time for Black Widow and War Machine. Thanks to FirstShowing.net

Dark Knight Director Has 'Super' Plans

Supernan- painted by Alex Ross (DC Comics)
On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times blog, Hero Complex, posted an article by Geoff Boucher that will probably be quoted and referenced for months. In the piece, Boucher interviews director, Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, 2008), about Batman 3 and his involvement in the Superman reboot. The article is also a concise but thorough history of Superman on film, including some great quotes by Nolan about his admiration for Superman: The Movie (1978).

Mark Millar Talks "Nemesis" Movie

Nemesis - Writer:Mark Millar-Artist:Steve McNiven
We all know that the bad guys are often the most compelling characters in movies, even when we're supposed to be rooting for the hero to prevail. Let's face it, crooks, killers and other assorted villains have been the favorite subjects of Hollywood blockbusters from the earliest days of cinema. From Little Cesar (1931) to The Dark Knight's (2008) Joker, we're fascinated by portrayals of the dark side of human nature. In the last couple of decades, we've even seen a growing number of films in which the bad guy is the central character instead of the hero.  However, there is one genre in which the hero is traditionally always the central character- the superhero film. -Continued with video after the jump.