The Year That Was

2009 was a year in which superhero movie geeks around the globe were able to catch their collective breath and prepare for the future onslaught of films. Except for Watchmen, which was released in March, '09 was a down year for cape movies when compared to the rest of the decade.

Reflecting on the past year in superhero films brings a couple of things to mind. First, even though there was a dearth of blockbuster cape movies released, the mainstream entertainment news was panting over every bit of news trickling out of the sets and production meetings of Iron Man 2, Thor, Avengers, Captain America, Green Lantern, and others too numerous to mention. For most of the year, it seemed like everyday brought some new cape-related breaking news or rumour.

The other major development in '09 I noticed, which was a continuation of a recent trend, was the migration of A-list talent (both in front of and behind the camera) to the DC and Marvel movie universes. A complete rundown of examples will have to wait for another post, but the two names that come to mind are Kenneth Branagh and Anthony Hopkins signing on for Thor. It'll be interesting to see if other Hollywood elites join the fun this year.

I think of last year as just a respite that allowed us to kick back, relax for a while and wait in giddy anticipation of what's about to be unleashed on the movie-going masses.