Avatar - Stephen Lang

I saw Avatar on Sunday and I have several thoughts on it, but that'll have to wait. Here's one thing to ponder, though. When I saw Stephen Lang, who plays the bad-ass Colonel in the film, I immediately thought "That dude has to be in a cape movie soon." He looked closer to what a superhero should act like than anyone I've seen in a while. Lo and behold, Splashpage posted this article suggesting he should play Cable. Good call, I'd say.
Image: Stephen Lang- Google Images

Iron Man on E.T.

If you missed the segment on Entertainment Tonight that featured a "behind the scenes" segment on Iron Man 2, here's a 30 second snippet.

Taylor Lautner - Superhero?

On December 12, Taylor Lautner (currently starring in The Twilight Saga: New Moon) hosted Saturday Night Live, and during the opening segment he did some amazing martial arts moves. After he did a back flip and landed in a classic Spidey pose, I started thinking about how he could capitalize on that skill in a superhero movie.

I know he's scheduled to star in Max Steel, as stated in this Splashpage article, but I think he could do way better than that. The first thought that entered my mind was "Robin", as in The Boy Wonder. I believe if Warner Brothers had signed him to co-star in Batman 3, they would have the makings of an entirely new franchise.
Here's why:
He's the perfect age for the role (17)
He could do realistic fight scenes without a double.
He already has a huge fan base.
After Batman 3, he could easily carry a Nightwing franchise for many years, aging as the character ages.
Now that he's apparently signed for Max Steel, the above scenario probably will never happen.

It's a shame. There aren't a lot of actors out there who have the acting skills, martial arts credentials and physical ability, and are perfectly suited for a specific superhero role as is Lautner.
Images: Nightwing, copyright DC Comics, Taylor Lautner- both courtesy Google Images

Tarantino Talks Superheroes

It's so seldom that I'm correct about anything, I like to engage in a little shameless self-promotion when I am. On August 22 of this year, I posted about Quentin Tarantino's appearance on the Charlie Rose Show. I speculated about QT's desire to do a superhero movie, and which character he was suited for. I guessed that he would probably do a cape film only if he could create his own hero.

Well, in this article on MTV's Splashpage, dated December 12, 2009, he says just that. He doesn't want to film any established franchise.

Quoting "It wouldn't be an existing comic book character. ...I'd want to use my own imagination and not have to fight with geek's memories of how this character should be..."

Now, the question is: "Does the fact that he's thought about it this much, mean that it's a possibility?"

This Day In History: Superman (The Movie)

Tonight, Shepherd Smith narrated a nice tribute to Superman (1978) on his show. It was a brief segment that recognized today (December 11) as the day the movie debuted thirty-one years ago. Smith gave a few facts about the movie's production and also focused on Christopher Reeve's great performance, and the fact that he won the role over many well known actors.

The piece wasn't anything spectacular, but I thought it was just a cool thing for Fox to do- especially since Supes is a Warner Communications franchise.
Image: The Man of Steel #1- copyright DC Comics, Art: John Byrne

Where is Helen Slater Now?

For no reason at all, I decided to see whatever happened to Helen Slater, who starred in Supergirl(1984). I guess I haven't been paying attention, but I had no idea she's been involved in so many different projects over the years.

According to her Wikipedia article , she's appeared in Broadway shows, recorded two music CDs, appeared in about twenty TV series (including Seinfeld- did not know that), and several successful films. By the way, she has a birthday coming up on December 15. She'll be 46 (she's two months older than I am). Image: Helen Slater- courtesy Google Images

New Iron Man 2 Poster

Marvel released the first Iron Man 2 (May 7, 2010) poster yesterday. Interesting that it's filled with dark, ominous storm clouds- maybe a hint as to the tone of this one. A few stills were also released, but none of them were of the characters in costume. These and other Iron Man 2 photos can be seen at Marvel.com.
Image: Iron Man 2 promotional poster, Marvel Studios