Documentary: "Dig Comics'

The article below is from the LA Times, and is about the documentary, Dig Comics, and it explores a topic that I've been fascinated by recently. Namely, while comic-inspired films continue to set records, with no signs of slowing down, the comic book industry struggles. The article, and the film itself, raises some interesting questions. Mainly, why do millions of people love the movies, but refuse to purchase the books?

I had never heard of the film before reading this article, but I can't wait to see it.

Documentary reminds fans to 'Dig Comics,' not just superhero movies

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Swamp Thing Actor - Dick Durock

I'm only a week late in noting the passing of Dick Durock, who is most famous for portraying Swamp Thing in two films. I won't even pretend to know much about his career beyond those films, so I can't comment too much here. However, I've always thought that he gave fine performances as Swamp Thing, and he probably deserved more kudos for them when those movies were released. I think the movies themselves, despite their shortcomings, are good examples of how it's possible to make a superhero(?) movie on a shoestring budget.

Reading about his passing also got me pondering two related topics. First, should Swamp Thing be classified as a superhero, similar to Hulk or The Thing, or a horror character, or in an even smaller sub-classification? Not a matter of world-shaking importance, but interesting nonetheless.

The other thing on my mind was this- given the CGI effects available now, would a Swamp Thing movie on an epic scale work or is the character too obscure for most people?

Does DC still own the film rights? If so, I think parts of the Alan Moore interpretation of the character in which he's a force of nature and a protector of the natural world would strike a chord with a lot of people these days.
Image: Swamp Thing- Copyright DC Comics

RIP Frank Coghlan Jr. - Billy Batson

Frank Coghlan Jr.
I learned earlier today that Frank Coghlan Jr., who played Billy Batson in The Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941), died today. He was 93. Thanks to The Hero Complex for this info. See the article for the obit.

Captain Marvel '41 Trailer

I don't want to make a habit of posting film clips since that's the lazy way to keep a blog updated. However, I discovered that scenes and trailers from the superhero serials are on Youtube, so I'd be remiss if I didn't include at least a couple of 'em.

I've posted a few thoughts on The Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941) in the past, so I thought it would be cool to have this trailer. This was the first live-action superhero film.