Shazam- Ever Happening?

Just for kicks, I googled "Shazam Movie" to see what the current rumours were. I really couldn't find anything from the last three months. There was some talk on the DC Comics message boards in July about producer, Mike Uslan, possibly making an announcement at Comic-con, but I couldn't find any follow-up info.
There are tons of articles out there from the last five years with conflicting statements regarding the development of this project. I felt that Warner Bros. would want to capitalize on the success of The Dark Knight, and make a light-hearted, kid-friendly Shazam flick. You know, to sort of balance out the grimness of TDK (and Watchmen). Also, for some reason I think it would make a perfect movie to open on Christmas Day, instead of a summer release.

But, apparently Shazam's in limbo for the foreseeable future. Too bad, I can see Shazam appealing to a wide audience if it has the right mix of humor and action, and plus, Dwayne Johnson is a perfect choice for the Captain.
Image: Captain Marvel(Shazam) painted by Alex Ross- Copyright DC Comics


  1. DC / Warner Bros. are morons, so they cancelled this plan three-quarters of the way through production, which probably cost them millions.

    Because it's not "dark" enough, like Batman. Mind you, they're making a Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds movie now, so who the hell will ever figure out the mentality behind these studio execs.

  2. It's a shame the studios can't see that superheroes can take many forms- from grim, adult fare to kinda silly stuff like Shazam. Oh well, we still have the '41 serial.


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