Superman: The Man of Steel

Superman's origin is revamped in The Man of St...
The Man of Steel No.1 (July 1986), written and drawn by John Byrne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(Note: I originally published this post on June 15, 2009. Today (June 16, 2013), I was correcting some formatting mistakes when I accidentally re-published it (instead of just updating it). Not a word was changed from the original post. So, if you subscribe to my RSS, this is probably showing up as a new article. You might find this post interesting because I wrote it about 6 months after Warner Bros. announced there would a new Superman movie - the movie that would become Man of Steel.)
It dawned on me recently that there's been precious little info regarding the status of the next Superman movie, Superman: The Man of Steel - AKA Superman Unleashed. It was originally slated for a summer '09 release, but IMDB now has it listed as 2011. A trailer was released in February '09, but since then, mostly just rumors. The Man of Steel IMDB page hasn't been updated since December '08.

The best source of info I've found for this film is the Wikipedia article. A Google search just brings up stale six month old news. From the brief research I conducted, it sounds like Warner Bros. wants to forget Superman Returns (2006) ever happened. Even after reading the Wiki article, I'm still not sure if Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh will return. I dig the concept mentioned in the article that writer, Mark Millar, has for the franchise - an epic 8 hour trilogy that spans the entire life of Supes. That's the type of treatment the character has deserved for decades.

I'll admit I could be plugged into this film more, so if anyone has some fresh news, please feel free to drop a note.
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  1. That's because Warner were pretty much smart enough to throw this one in the crapper. Does anyone want to see Bryan Singer screw up another Superman movie?

    I suspect they will see if they can succeed with Green Lantern and maybe Flash before they start thinking towards Supes again.

  2. Agreed. Although i think Superman Returns was far from a complete fail, it is lightyears away from what it could've been. The definitive "Super" movie should make all other cape movies pale in comparison. When is someone gonna make it?


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