David Carradine and Kill Bill: Vol.2

Just as about fifty million other bloggers are doing, I'm paying homage to the life and career of the legendary David Carradine. When I heard the news of his death, I thought about the incredible body of work he left behind and what a stamp he put on pop culture over the last four decades.

Although he never appeared in a superhero movie, I feel it's entirely appropriate to pay respects here because of the famous "Superman Speech" he delivered in Kill Bill: Vol.2(2004)(as written by Quentin Tarantino). Like many others, that scene reinforced my respect for him as an actor, and I think most fans agree the Superman monologue is the most concise explanation of the allure of ihe superhero myth in recent memory.

Of course, the scene is posted on YouTube, so there's no point in putting here, but it's worth another look if you haven't seen it in a while. I'd be interested to hear if others share my admiration for the way that scene crystallizes what superhero fans have felt since capes first hit the newstands.