While not a complete review, here are more thoughts. Like everybody else, I've been waiting for this movie and went in the theatre hoping for the best. But, I'm not going to blindly describe the movie as "Awesome!" if it doesn't deserve the praise.

Having said that, I honestly think the makers of this movie accomplished a near impossible task. They took a dense, layered, 22 year old novel and presented a moving, thought-provoking story with finely drawn characters in a daring way. They created a work that can appeal to newcomers to the Watchmen universe and satisfy the rabid fans.

The screenplay was intelligent, the characters' back stories were detailed without bogging down the story and most importantly, it was emotionally compelling. I have quibbles, and nits to pick, but they're so small it would be like complaining about dust specks on the Mona Lisa. Many more thoughts to come.